Atlas, Rise! – Day 18

Before I do anything big in my life, I start it with a big ass meal of Chinese food. Cause thats what the Ghostbusters did

See, in the first Ghostbusters, they spent the last bit of their petty cash on a “magnificent feast” of Chinese. I like the idea of it, so I use it as a jumping off point


Wise words.

So thats what Heather and i did last night. Had Chinese and enjoyed our last night in the house. Because the next day


Atlas rose. In the form of Atlas moving company moving us out.


Its always weird to see your house in disarray. To see all the things you have arranged get put into boxes and moved on. But such is the process.

Quick side note: Am I the only person who buys the movers lunch? This was a thing that I was always tought. You buy the movers lunch. Came as a shock to them, and some of the people out here I have talked to were surprised.

You know what, they are coming back tomorrow to finish loading our stuff and they are getting lunch on my dime then too.

But I digress. Move is going off without a hitch. The van attracted a lot of attention. Looky-loos and/or neighbors coming to wish me well. I am hoping the attraction helps get it sold fast. But its looking like that wont be a problem. Lot of people poking around.

Its a bittersweet thing, but I am so excited for the future, in a way I cant even fully articulate. Maybe in a future day.

For now, more moving tomorrow. Stay tuned

The First/Last Thanksgiving or Staying Sane in Trying Times – Day 17

The following happened in the last 6 days

  • Had a wonderful thanksgiving with my wife’s family
  • Mailed approximately 18 boxes worth of belongings we will need in ATL prior to the house hunt.
  • Packed all clothes needed for the trip (living out of suitcases for the next two weeks)
  • My wife got food poisoning
  • My son  has been sick since Black Friday. I am hoping he pulls through for Daycare on Monday

This is the week. This is the first real magic week. We have prepared everything we could given the timeframe, our remaining sanity, and our physical capability.

We are staying together and holding strong, but man its going to be a tough week.

We move out this week. Tuesday, movers come to pack our stuff. Wednesday, movers take stuff. Also that Tuesday, we move into a hotel for 2 weeks. Little man sleeps in a pack n play, which doesn’t seem to bother him.

ALSO on Tuesday in-laws head to the ATL. I gave them a giant to-do list. They will be executing the preparation leading into our arrival.

So….lets let it all begin. More updates this week.

A Path Materializes – Day 11

A few quick updates since the last post. It took me a fair 24-48 hours to get our affairs in a better order, but now I have plenty of progress.

We have started to ship a ton of stuff (stuff we don’t need in the short term, but we will need before we can find/buy a house in Atlanta). By Thanksgiving, we will only have left in the house stuff that we take with us for 2 weeks and stuff that goes in the vault.

My dad my very well meet me in Los Angeles on my journey just so I don’t have to drive the Long Dark of West Texas alone.

All of my personal work affairs are in order, and the transfer is on lockdown.

Hotels are all book, travel is determined. Now its just some close out logistics, but it shouldn’t be bad.

We have been hesitating on any plans for the future. The in-laws want to make vacation plans for the spring, people want to come visit, but I don’t think we will make anything definite till the house is sold.

The way we talk about it right now is Christmas. Got to make it to Christmas. Come Christmas Eve, we will all be together, starting the next page in our life. And its going to be glorious.

A Rapid Acceleration of Events – Day 9

Alright, a few ground rules before we get started:

  • If you are looking for the “why” of it all, that’s not for this blog. Contact me. We can talk
  • The main purpose here is to be a chronicling of the move and my experiences learning Georgia and all its intricacies.
  • I will try to keep to once a week. I may fall behind, or for some things, I may just post and post and post.

Alright now to the weeks events

The original plan was to put the house on the market in February 2017. Make the move after the Christmas & New Years.

However, our realtor informs us that the market is still super strong right now. That we can get those notoriously low days on market Silicon Valley is known for (more on that in a future post). And he may be able to get us a buyer in 2016.

So the new plan has been…..accelerated.

Move all the stuff out the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. My son and I move in with the in-laws while heather wraps things up over here.

House goes on the market Dec 10th.

There are TONS of logistics that have to occur between then and now, I will  update as needed (read: as they are interesting).

Right now, there are two things worth knowing:

  1. I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off in an attempt to get this all done.
  2. I am driving across the United States Dec 17-22nd. Solo.

That’s right. I did half of that drive from Chicago to Sunnyvale. now I get to do substantially all of it


A bit of a haul

I picked I-10 to hit more big cities. Otherwise its a blight of a drive to do solo. Man, did not think that’s how I would end the 2nd to last week in 2016. But it seems appropriate somehow.

For now though, its all logistics. More data as it comes.