A Rapid Acceleration of Events – Day 9

Alright, a few ground rules before we get started:

  • If you are looking for the “why” of it all, that’s not for this blog. Contact me. We can talk
  • The main purpose here is to be a chronicling of the move and my experiences learning Georgia and all its intricacies.
  • I will try to keep to once a week. I may fall behind, or for some things, I may just post and post and post.

Alright now to the weeks events

The original plan was to put the house on the market in February 2017. Make the move after the Christmas & New Years.

However, our realtor informs us that the market is still super strong right now. That we can get those notoriously low days on market Silicon Valley is known for (more on that in a future post). And he may be able to get us a buyer in 2016.

So the new plan has been…..accelerated.

Move all the stuff out the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. My son and I move in with the in-laws while heather wraps things up over here.

House goes on the market Dec 10th.

There are TONS of logistics that have to occur between then and now, I will  update as needed (read: as they are interesting).

Right now, there are two things worth knowing:

  1. I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off in an attempt to get this all done.
  2. I am driving across the United States Dec 17-22nd. Solo.

That’s right. I did half of that drive from Chicago to Sunnyvale. now I get to do substantially all of it


A bit of a haul

I picked I-10 to hit more big cities. Otherwise its a blight of a drive to do solo. Man, did not think that’s how I would end the 2nd to last week in 2016. But it seems appropriate somehow.

For now though, its all logistics. More data as it comes.

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