A Path Materializes – Day 11

A few quick updates since the last post. It took me a fair 24-48 hours to get our affairs in a better order, but now I have plenty of progress.

We have started to ship a ton of stuff (stuff we don’t need in the short term, but we will need before we can find/buy a house in Atlanta). By Thanksgiving, we will only have left in the house stuff that we take with us for 2 weeks and stuff that goes in the vault.

My dad my very well meet me in Los Angeles on my journey just so I don’t have to drive the Long Dark of West Texas alone.

All of my personal work affairs are in order, and the transfer is on lockdown.

Hotels are all book, travel is determined. Now its just some close out logistics, but it shouldn’t be bad.

We have been hesitating on any plans for the future. The in-laws want to make vacation plans for the spring, people want to come visit, but I don’t think we will make anything definite till the house is sold.

The way we talk about it right now is Christmas. Got to make it to Christmas. Come Christmas Eve, we will all be together, starting the next page in our life. And its going to be glorious.

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