The First/Last Thanksgiving or Staying Sane in Trying Times – Day 17

The following happened in the last 6 days

  • Had a wonderful thanksgiving with my wife’s family
  • Mailed approximately 18 boxes worth of belongings we will need in ATL prior to the house hunt.
  • Packed all clothes needed for the trip (living out of suitcases for the next two weeks)
  • My wife got food poisoning
  • My son  has been sick since Black Friday. I am hoping he pulls through for Daycare on Monday

This is the week. This is the first real magic week. We have prepared everything we could given the timeframe, our remaining sanity, and our physical capability.

We are staying together and holding strong, but man its going to be a tough week.

We move out this week. Tuesday, movers come to pack our stuff. Wednesday, movers take stuff. Also that Tuesday, we move into a hotel for 2 weeks. Little man sleeps in a pack n play, which doesn’t seem to bother him.

ALSO on Tuesday in-laws head to the ATL. I gave them a giant to-do list. They will be executing the preparation leading into our arrival.

So….lets let it all begin. More updates this week.

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