Hotel Livin’ – Day 23

It took us almost a full week to settle in here at the hotel. But so far, not bad at all.

Its the kind of place with a mini kitchen, mini oven, mini microwave, mini everything, but we are making a solid go of it. Cooking dinner and stuff even. There is also a nice park right down the hill so we dont have to stay cramped in here.

I would say at this point its a countdown to takeoff. T-minus 6 days till Atlanta, and we are stoked.

I think living in the hotel makes everything feel transient. Like we are wanderers in the wasteland. It will be nice to get a sense of home again.

The house is being transformed for sale. I went last night to wash some clothes. It looks real nice. I’m hoping that means we can turn it quick.

Everyone’s in good spirits here, but I think we are just ready to go.

My wife and I were talking last night about how neither of us can get into the Christmas spirit. Still feels like that pre-thanksgiving week period to us. I have a feeling that will change once we are in our new home.

More news as it comes. Oh, and we also managed to get this done


More pictures through other channels at a later date.

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