Things will be better… – Day 34

Life comes at you  pretty fast. I think thats the theme of the blog so far.


  • House is on the market. Its an odd feeling to have a house for sale, but I mostly am ready to just be done with this part of the Freedom 17 plan. And I think we will be soon. Have some good traction so far. Lets see if it keeps up.
  • I published a big paper for work. Im proud of it, and was the accumulation of all the actual stuff for my job I had going on in the background of this madness.
  • There is a tradition in my household. Everytime I leave town, something happens. Either some kind of logistic fails, or A flight is missed or some such thing. This time around, Ethan got sick. Goes to pediatrician tomorrow (been sick for 3 days now).

Right now, I am back in the bay area for just one day. Tomorrow morning I finish up some logistics here, then I start the long drive.

More than anything else, I am ready to see what Georgia has to offer. Ready to spend more than one day in my new (temporary) home. So lets get this thing started.

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