King of the Road – Day 36-37

Picked up my dad from LAX with no problem. LAX is kind of a zoo. Too many people for even how gigantic the airport is.

We left at 4:30am from our luxurious accommodations at the Hampton Inn in Banning, CA. Through rage, the power of combination electric gas engines, and the deliciousness of Ruffles All Dressed chips, we made it to Kerville, TX. About 60 miles outside of San Antonio. 1,213 miles on the first day.

Notes from the road:

  • Once you get past LAX, other than a quick run through Tuscon, Phoenix, and the behemoth of El Paso, there is literally nothing.
  • West texas is the end of the world. 27 degrees with a 20 mile an hour wind. At one point, my dad tells me, “Son, I love you. But you getting yo ass outside this car to fill it up with gas. Im not doing it.” This was part of the reason we decided to blast through the trip.
  • Early in the day I decide to buy a little hand held CB radio. I get it in the car…all I get is static. I cant figure it out. I adjust all the settings, nothing. We stop at a truck stop for gas, food, and toilet. Before we leave, my dad grabs the CB and it works no problem. We are pumped, get back on the road. The second we start down the road, static. My dad figures it out first, and I google to confirm. The RF interference from the Prius’ engine makes CB communication almost impossible. You have to get a mounted external antenna to get it to work. Rats.
  • I made a 16 hour playlist for the trip. It worked swimmingly.
  • I missed the thing in the desert. But maybe someday. 
  • When you are driving in west texas in the middle of the night, you hit random trash that just blasts across the road. You think it may be an animal, you would be wrong.
  • Every single gas station in between the major cities, we had a line to get to a pump. Open a gas station in west texas, make money.

We pulled into Kerville, TX at 12:30am. I blacked out the second we pulled in.

The next day was significantly easier. Because it was basically road I had already travelled. Once you get to San Antonio, its decent enough sprawl all the way to New Orleans to where you dont go 10 miles without seeing a town.

Easy drive. Nothing odd on the road. Was smooth.

I get in and find out my son has gotten worse. The virus or whatever he has is causing him to spike big fevers. All plans have changed, and I am now heading out to atlanta this morning after I see my grandparents. Hes ok for now, but I need to get back. Such is the life on the road.

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