Citronelle, Nymph, and Georgiana – Day 38

No pictures from the last leg of the drive. Had to blast home to get to my son.

At the time of this writing, Ethan has made a miraculous recovery and is now perfectly fine. No fever all day. Kind of surprised, but hey, so it goes.

The drive to Atlanta from Louisiana is pretty quick. No issues.

Alabama has some odd town names. Citronelle, Nymph, and Georgiana to name a few. All sound like stripper names.

First time I saw confederate flags all trip was at the Alabama state line. So, there you go.

Also, the US automotive industry is alive and well. Just so happens to be foreign corporations opening plants down south.

2,932 miles

Thats what I drove in 4 days. I spent most of yesterday comatose and unpleasant to be around.

What I learned from the trip is simple. Dont attempt to power drive across the country.

But, Im glad to be in my new home; where I will not leave for hopefully quite some time.

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