The Day of Pain – Day 40

The following happened today

  • Visited daycares for the little man
  • Little man decided he only wanted to eat cake and no other foodstuffs
  • After 3000 miles, my father-in-law decided to back into the Prius on his way out to buy soup. Tail light and bumper smashed
  • In my hurring to get stuff done, I fall with my wife’s phone in hand, shattering the screen

And of course

  • We accepted an offer above list on our house with no contingencies with close 7 days.

Thats right. Done by the end of 2016. Freedom 17 in full effect. No ties to bay area after the end of the year.

A bit of logistics between here and there but nothing we can handle.

Looking Good Billy Ray, Feeling Good Lewis

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