Anywhere I Lay My Head – Day 48

The countdown is over. No more dates in the title. 48 days from signing to sell to cashing out.

The house has sold.

And I cant believe it happened that quickly. But we found the right buyer. All cash, close in 7 days. No contingencies.

Its insane. But its done. And I still cant believe it.

I am cashed out. No debt. But, my wife, son, and I are now vagabonds. Crashing at the in-laws till we find steady accommodations.

I am sure I will be more articulate and have grandiose thoughts. For now though, the blog will start its slow transformation to being less about the chaos and more about the oddity that is Georgia.

I have a post I want to put up about that…may happen tomorrow…

For now…the celebration…

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