Digging the demons out – An Ice Update

We spent the day snowed in on Saturday. Road completely blocked out.

Of course, come sunday we were a) getting antsy and b) needed to go see prospective houses for us to buy.

The one problem is, there is a steep hill heading out of the neighborhood. Its the hill from this picture


Ill take a better picture but what you cant see heading up that hill in the distance is that its heavily shaded by the trees. So thats a sheet of straight ice heading up there.

In an effort to get us the hell out of there, myself and two other members of the neighborhood got out in the street with flat shovels and spent about an hour and half breaking up ice.

We had a few empty spots heading up the hill from people’s vehicles parked, so we were able to carve out a path.

The other guy my age on the street managed to take the hill with a minivan, so I took the hill with the Lucerne parked out front.

I sweated like a monster but we got out. Not sure what this means for tomorrow, considering a ton of stuff has to get done (repairing the damage on the Prius mentioned two posts back, people needing to go to work, etc).

I suppose we will find out tomorrow, but I think my big takeaway from today was the effor the street took to make their lanes passable. I think its that kind of “all for one”-ness that I missed in my various travels. Its nice to have neighbors I guess is what I am saying.

More news on the thawing of Atlanta tomorrow. And If I am out there scraping again, Ill get a pic or two.

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