We will go to the WESTCHESTER, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all this all to blow over

Too much to update. As is consistent with everything in Freedom 17. Life moves really fast.

My wife got a job, and put in her two weeks at her former employer. To make that story as short as I can, she was able to get a sitdown with one of the named partners at a regional (but Atlanta based) law firm. 40 lawyers in total. The size she was looking for. They needed trial experience. She has tons. And so, kismet.

Sometimes life happens that way.

So cut to friday. She puts in her notice, we are going to this steakhouse in Marietta to celebrate. We get there, and Heather tells me to look at this one listing that just came on the market. I see this picture


And my immediate reaction is, thats exactly the type of kitchen Heather has been looking for.

We had planned with our realtor to go see more houses on Saturday (we had seen 5 the previous weekend). And so we asked to add this one.

We ended up seeing 7 houses on saturday. The house of the aforementioned picture was the 6th house.



Ill have more pictures later. Because the house had JUST gotten on the market, the pictures hadn’t even hit Zillow or Redfin yet. In fact, they just got the sign up. However, there was something odd about the sign.


That is Hugh’s Personal Private Lot

I didn’t notice it at first. I turned to heather and asked if I should tag it to say “Yuge” private lot. And she goes, “That doesn’t say huge in the first place…”

Sure enough, a typo. Sotheby’s your better than that.

But the house is incredible. They gutted it and did a full renovation in 2016. It looks totally different than when it was originally built. If you were to look up the address on Zillow, you would find pictures almost a decade old and the house looks awful.

We took one step in and was like “Well this is it. Search is over.”

We put in an offer that afternoon, they accepted by 11am today.

There is still inspections and stuff to go through, but we are excited.

The house is in a neighborhood called Westchester. Its close enough to Winchester that it reminded us both of this:

And I think thats part of the Freedom 17 plan. We get this house in Westchester. Have a pint, and wait for this whole thing to blow over.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

I originally had a post about liquor laws, and I have some more Georgia Wine reviews coming up, so stay tuned. For now, feeling good.

3 thoughts on “We will go to the WESTCHESTER, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all this all to blow over

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