I thought this was REAL America? Where’s my liquor? – On Liquor Laws

Editors note: I was supposed to be at a big thing last night in Atlanta, but a family emergency cropped up. Heather, myself, and Ethan are fine, but just an FYI. An update on this later this week as things evolve. 

Lets talk about liquor.

I love the liquor. Its awesome. I dont think I love it as much as Lahey, but close:

So, the switch to Georgia is interesting. They have some really strange liquor laws. I have grievances with all of it, but lets cover my biggest two issues:

  • No liquor purchased in stores or restaurants on Sunday till 12:30pm
  • Hard liquor has to be purchased in a liquor/package store.

God damn. What the fuck?

So this is messed up on multiple levels. For one thing. No Brunch. This is apparently a sticking point to some people, and legislative arguments have happened to this point.

In addition to the weird sunday liquor law, my bigger axe to grind is the second one? Why, cause I cant get my cheap all day drink.


Nectar of the Gods.

Thats right. Trader Joe’s 10 year old single malt. The best $20 a bottle scotch you will have in your life. Trust me, this doesn’t hold a candle to Talisker or Oban, but if you need an all day drunk, this will fit the bill.

But NOOOOOO, the State of Georgia doesn’t allow Trader Joe’s to carry the best liquor in the world. Cause of dumb dumb reasons that I couldn’t figure out until recently. I thought this was REAL America???? My freedom is being stepped on for the sake of what? Religion? Screw that. I wants my drinkin swish.

I highly suggest reading the article I previously linked above. Who is this Faith Based Community. Cause as far as I can tell, the cats that go to these liquor stores I am relegated to are the same clowns givin it up to jeewhiz every Sunday at church.

Bill Cowsert, I do not believe you. And, i now have a political mission. I will vote for any candidate willing to overturn all of Georgia’s liquor laws so I can get my scotch back.

Also, that cat represents Athens…what the hell. Got some strong drunks over there. You cant vote that fool out and get the liquor going free and clear?????

So its up to you future politicians. You get my vote for letting me get my drink on.

Lets Make Georgia Drunk Again.

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