Bag it up…..bigly

Today’s Georgia observation has been something I noticed since I first got here. How Georgians’ handle take out. Or I should say, fellow suburb dwellers of Atlanta metro, handle takeout.

I grew up in the South, and the whole point of going out was to consume vast quantities. My favorite story on this comes from my grandfather on my mom’s side. We wanted to go out to eat, so they picked the restaurant, the Golden Corral.


The road to diabetes and heart failure. 

So, we are in line to pay at the beginning, cause thats how it works. They get your money at the top and then let you loose on the shame zone. My grandfather turns to me and goes, “I don’t know how this place stays in business. They know I’m coming in here, and they know I’m  going to eat 5 steaks. And then they know I’m going to get the giant bowl for the ice cream and fill it with fried okra.”

Stuff like that. And sometimes, if you couldn’t finish your food, you would take whats left to go and have it the next day. ANd I feel like that part is true for Georgians. Oh no, thats not enough.

So, Heather and I are out to eat. I just got back in town, its right before New Years. We’re bored, so we decide to go to a Hibachi place. Haven’t been to one in forever, nice to sit and eat while someone throws grilled shrimp in your face.

The meal goes fine. I am paying my bill, and the person sitting right next to me starts having an argument with the waiter.

“I want 5 containers of the ginger salad dressing, 6 containers of the steak sauce, and 3 containers of the mustard sauce. How hard is that?”

The waiter something to the effect of that’s fine but you have to pay for it. The other guy goes, “NO! I could have eaten all that here and you wouldn’t have charged me more. Get me my sauces.”

We just out shortly after the guy got his sauces. I kind of shook it off, didn’t think about it.

About a month later, we are at an upscale Italian joint. Dressed up nice, no kids around. That kind of thing. Similar deal, Guy wants “three of the table breads to go.” And has an argument with the waiter for about 10 minutes. Till they give him his bread and he goes.

Since that event, I have noticed this three other times. Where people like yell at the work staff to get whatever little bit free they give you, but like TONS of it.

When the fuck did this happen? Is this acceptable now?

I have asked everyone I know out here in Georgia. People don’t seem to think that remarkable in the first place. My mind has difficulty processing it. I don’t believe its an expectation that if you go to a BBQ place you get to take what is equivalent to a full bottle of BBQ stuff in little plastic cups to go, but apparently, you get whatever you yell about out here.

I am not sure why this is happening but  it makes me sad.  For one thing, is it like a cost thing. Like they think buried in the price of their meal is more free stuff so they are pulling a Ross.

If you do this, you are an asshole. Fact.

Maybe this is how the end starts. First, its exploiting the good graces of staff. Then the next thing you know, BAM, Mad Max.

Could be? Maybe? Possibly?

I think if you take anything away from this, be nice to your local wait staff and restaurants. Not for any special reason. Just to not be a fucking asshole.

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