On the ground, in the 6th

Sorry its been a while folks. Totally different reason this time. Just all quite here. Not much to write home about. We are still settling in. Almost done unpacking boxes. A few straggling items on our list, but our house is for sure a home. I have a feeling things may be this spaced out for a while, till we get deeper in the summertime.

To get up to speed on today’s post, read here, cause I think its kind of pointless to rehash national news. 

About 3 Sunday’s ago, I get a knock on the door. My wife answers it. My son is running in circles around my wife’s legs; I’m in the kitchen washing dishes.

At the door was a girl in her 20s, says she is from North Carolina and was there to talk to us about Amy Kremer, who is a member of the Tea Party Express and apparently, founder of Women for Trump. My wife was polite and cordial. Took the pamphlet, closed the door.

I told my wife, “This is Georgia. She’s lucky I didn’t answer the door. I would have told her get the fuck off my land before I stand my ground and shit.”


And the nation’s eyes have turned toward the 6th. Its an odd thing to think about. As I have discussed previously, this area of the world is so much different than the Newt’s troops time of the 90s. Its slowly diversifying (very slowly) but equally as important, mindsets are less locked in. For example, I have met several of my neighbors at this point, and no one has asked me what church I go to. I cant say that for when I first came out here.

But, all I hear from the national news is how Georgia’s sixth is the litmus test of the Trump administration. I am not astute enough to give biting political discourse, but Ill  give some thoughts.

1. People like the frontrunner.

And its true, People like Jon Ossoff, as do I.



Looks like a nerdier Justin Trudeau

Local boy. Not crazy. Not super duper liberal (which the locals like), but has actively done work against corruption (which the locals really like. This is a big sticking point down here). And its driving the republicans crazy. Which brings me to point

2. The Republicans are coming off as dumbasses, more than usual.

If you use youtube anywhere in the 6th, this is your only preroll ad.

This ad isn’t working for a number of reasons. First off, everyone does dumbstuff in college. Second, this is just endearing. At least it is to me. Look at this guy. Looks like the stuff I did in high school. 100%. He basically lived the life that me and my high school cohorts did.

And it really pisses me off that the Republican attack is basically on doing dumb stuff while being filmed. And that is like the only platform I care about.

3. Trump is fucking crazy

And the people out here know this. Oh sure, you have people who 1000% drink the Fox News coolaid, but people don’t like how he’s handling the global political issues (read: North Korea, Syria), and they definitely dont like that healthcare plan. People out here are smart enough to know a raw deal when they see it.


I dont know if any of those three are enough together to actually flip the place, but I think Georgia’s 6th is alot more moderate than the powers that got Trump elected. I also dont think I would consider it as a bellweather for the nation or the Trump administration.

If the 6th goes democrat, it just means that the changes in the 6th are relatively strong (remember, Hillary won the 6th). At least, thats what I see for now. Expect more updates on this as the special election happens.

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