Restaurant Review – Seed Kitchen & Bar

Since I wrote a review bashing a restaurant, I wanted to highlight a top flight place in Atlanta. For some reason, the snooty restaurant establishment (read: Michelin) ignores this metropolis, and I want to highlight a place that deserves recognition.

seed restaurant

This is where the good stuff is at.

I was originally going to eat dinner this past weekend at another Roswell institution, but we were informed of a recent turn for the meh due to new ownership. So we switched to a place that had been on our list for some time.

Seed describes itself as modern American, but every damn restaurant does. So lets go to the highlights.

First, the drink menu is stellar. Any restaurant that gives a shit enough to make good cocktails, is what I am about. They serve a Vieux Carre over there that they make a big batch of and then barrel age for a month or two. The results are shockingly smooth. The easiest drinking whisky cocktail I have had.

All the cocktails seem to be New Orleans inspired a bit. They have their own take on a French 75, for example. Didn’t see a sazerac but my guess is they rotate.

Everything we had was fantastic, but you can read the menu for a detailed description. But, there are two dishes that they serve that stand out to me.

corn fritters

white corn grit fritters

I have been to a million upscale food restaurants. This is the first time I have seen something like this. Its southern Arancini Balls. Except instead of risotto and flour, its cheesy grits, cornmeal batter, and served over a red pepper jelly inspired sauce.

How the hell has no one ever thought of doing this? This is PHENOMENAL. Like, I will go back just to eat this again.

brussel sprouts

caramelized brussels sprouts
and cauliflower

A side dish???? Yup. I’m highlighting a side. I am a sucker for caramelized brussel sprouts, but this is something special. They caramelize it in some sort of vinegar reduction which is not overpowering, but adds a brand new flavor to the mix that I haven’t seen in this type of dish. Goes great with the brussel sprouts, but is exquisite with the cauliflower. For being a dish that should be played out at this point, this is a fresh take on it.

I will be returning over and over to this place. This is the type of place that deserves Michelin stars.

Michelin committee (cause I know you read this blog). Come to Atlanta. Eat at places like Seed. This is dope.

And other readers, I wish you the same. Enjoy.

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