A year in review

Hello dear reader.

Its been a very long time. Too long.

I had plans for a bunch of entries. I wanted to do a summer in review. A thing about the hurricanes. Some more restaurant reviews. An entry about the weird pumpkin patch we went to.  It fell by the wayside.


Alot of life in these past few months.

  • Ethan got head lice. Ended up giving it to heather. Took us a month to fully beat it.
  • All 3 of Ethan’s aunts got really sick/injured/hospitalized in various capacities. And then Heather’s mom got chronically sick for a while.
  • All of the holidays.

Needless to say, its been busy. But I wanted to give my thoughts on the first year.


More snow than we expected. Ended up getting 5 inches total. Just an image from one of the unwritten Georgia 400 entries. 

One of Heather’s best friends has a holiday party every year around Christmas. We never miss it. This year, I got asked by several people, “How are you adjusting to Georgia? I know its not….”

And then a litany of things its not. Politically aligned. A little more quiet. Etc.

I think alot of people have ideas of what I am looking for.

One year in, I tell you what I like. I am in a home that we own 100% and I LOVE. Its quiet. I have great neighbors who leave me alone. And I love my office in the basement.

I love how well Ethan has adjusted to out here. I kind of thing he always needed to leave California. Hair lice aside, this is the healthiest year he’s had since he has been born.

I love our town. Downtown Roswell continues to grow and its surprising how much hip stuff gets to sustain out here.

So what I told all of those people was real simple, “This is where we need to be. We are all happier than we have been in years, and this is home.”

Cause its true. Georgia is home. California to me always felt transitory. I have used this analogy on this blog before but Silicon Valley always felt to me a bit like the island of misfit toys. People go there who want something different, looking to make their lives better than where they came from, or simply, don’t have anywhere else to go. So, in that way, it feels a bit more like a holding pattern.

This year, felt like Anchor Drops. We made it to dock. This is home.

Overall, too busy to blog, but life is better.

So, what does this all mean for the blog and life.

Well, in life terms, Heather is currently right next to me, studying for the Georgia Bar Exam in February. We have to get past  that before we decide on anything. We called last year Freedom 17 in that we were supposed to be “Free in ’17.”

The year ended up being a rebuilding year. New team. New stadium. Rebuilding. I think ’18 will be a bit more of the same as we get our bearings.

As far as this blog, I want to keep it up. A bunch of weird stuff happened that I wanted to write about but didn’t get to. In 2018, I’m bringing it back. Not going to have a steady schedule, but I am going to write more.

Stay tuned out there in TV land. If anyone is still listening.

If not, that’s cool too. It was for me not you/I came to write this song.

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