One week in… (another mini-post)

…and it is awesome.

Sorry its been a hellish week.

Only have time for some quick updates:

  • We are about 60% unpacked. Got alot done last weekend. Expecting to get more done this weekend. Hopefully to end up 80% unpacked by the end of this weekend.
  • The important stuff is unpacked. Kitchen, master bedroom, Ethan’s room. A fair amount of work remains in the guest bedroom, random boxes throughout the house, and the giant mess that is the basement.


The horror……..and not just the horror that is my face.

  • Ethan adjusted instantaneously. He loves this house, and has had his best nights sleep here.
  • The rug that was mentioned in the last post, is confirmed ruined. Apparently, if the water damage gets all the way through the rug, there is nothing they can do. We are now working on replacement.
  • I actually used my “Reason we moved here ” card and texted my mother-in-law to pick up Ethan one day this week. Already, the benefits are tremendous.
  • I think both Heather and I are getting sick. Little man got sick a few weeks ago, this may be the revenge.

That’s it for now. I am hoping for a better update in the coming days. I have ideas down for about 3-4 entries in this thing. I just need to sit down, research, and write. Not sure when I will have that time.

More broadcasts as they come

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