The Flavors of the North Georgia Mountains

Today, dear readers, I bring a departure from my chronicles of the move. Today, I bring a wine review.

I was informed that Georgia has its own vineyards up in the North Georgia mountains. I requested some of their fine wine as a christmas present for two reasons:

  1. I couldn’t believe that you could grow grapes up there.
  2. I love wine. And I was ready to drink after all this madness.

So, my wish was granted and I received two bottles of Stonewall Creek wine.

2015 Yukari

The grower notes that its a Provence style dry rose. And I love a dry rose. The nose on its rock solid, legs look good, aroma is exactly where it should be for a rose. The initial palette hit is on point, crisp, dry…..then it hits you.

I have no idea if this is true, but a wine grower in Sonoma told me that it takes forever to get grapes right because the soil is all screwed up for the first few years. You can get the right vines but it will still turn out weird because the soil isn’t ready.

I cant begin to say if that’s for sure, but the finish on this thing is abysmal. It kind of tastes like a cross between sweet manure and WD40. It has the kind of finish regular Budweiser has. Long. Strong. And lasts forever. It was on my palette long after I had my dinner. I couldn’t finish my glass.

2015 Boriana

The grower notes that its 100% Petit Manseng, which is a grape I am not familiar with. Dry whites though I love. My favorite vineyard, UNTI in Dry Creek Valley makes a Fiano and a Vermentino and Grenache Blanc blend that I love.

So, I was excited to try it. Unfortunately, more of the same. Everything at the beginning was fantastic. Until you really drink it. Initially, the dryness hits you like a truck, which I like. Then the aftertaste. This was some how even more metallic and longer lasting than the Yukari. If the previous one was like Budweiser, this is like Old Style. It makes you question why humanity exists in the first place.

A few things with both of these reviews.

I dont pretend to be a wine expert by any stretch. Its just something I love.

I am also not a snob of expensive wines. My favorite vineyard sells, at the highest, $40 a bottle wines. My current favorite all day drink is a $9 Pinot Noir from Trader Joes. Snooty I am not. I just know what I like, and brother, this aint it.

That being said, I will continue my journey down the Georgia Wine Trail and Ill let you know.

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