A Quick One, While We Wait or Our number just got called in Purgatory

Just some quick updates for you, faithful readers.

  • Heather started her job. They wanted her for her trial skills, and man that is going into full use. Basically starting her new gig at lightspeed. Its good, but busy.
  • I think the Georgia weather agrees with Ethan. *knocks on wood* He hasn’t been sick since the mega drive, and I am convinced he caught something on that plane. Completely different than the warhellride that was last year at this time.
  • We took Ethan to the new house, and he flipped out. He loves it. Ran around the yard, ran around the interior. Played with the toys he brought. In fact, when it was time to leave, he cried and cried. I turned to Heather and I said, “Did we ever buy the right house or what”
  • Timeline works like this: Feb 14 (Valentines) –  we close on the house, Feb 15 – The stuff from here gets moved in, plus full cleaning and carpet shampoo, PLUS a bunch of other things.
  • Our stuff from California has been put on an Atlas Van Lines rig, headed to the east coast. Has two stops to make, then us. Feb 21 or 22nd, our stuff gets put in the new house.
  • By the end of the month, we are fully out of the in laws house and in our new digs. And I cannot wait.

Thats all the updates for now. More as they come. Expect some pics this week.

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