Mama, you gotta go.

There will be a summer update, since its been about two months since I touched this blog. I have about 2 entries cooking up, but more pressing matters require attention.


We got a hurricane a coming.

It’s been a long time since I have been through a hurricane. Probably Rita, way back in Katrina’s year. But, one comes for us now.

It’s also odd to be bracing for a hurricane this far inland. I’m used to dealing with it much closer to the shore, and I am used to my local sources of questionable information.

And now I am here, far far inland, waiting for the hurricane.

I’ll give this to the ATLiens, they are always prepared for the worst. My gas station has been like this for a week now:


Not a drop of fancy gas to drink.

Pure unleaded only, old school hurricane prep. My local grocery story is still fully loaded, but all the major ones in the area have been wiped of eggs, milk, bread, and water. Also, every home depot is out of wood, flashlights, nails, hammers, and, of course, generators.

I am without a generator myself. Need to work on that for the next storm. Also, I don’t have an AM/FM radio in this house. Got that on the way, but alas, Amazon Prime can’t beat the storm (I’ll get it after the hurricane).

But apart from that, we are fully prepared. Got tons of water, dry goods, we are really ready to go out here.

Also, lots of Floridians have inundated the neighborhood. Our parking lot at the entrance has welcomed any and all evacuees. And we are glad to ahve them here.

Heather’s aunt live in St. Petersburg and refuses to believe. Even after hearing my Katrina horror stories, won’t go. Not much else we can do past that. Just hope at this point.

It is well within the realm of possibility that we don’t see much for this storm. We will see how we fair, but for sure we are on lockdown. Cobb county schools are closed the next two days, so my daycare is too.

Thats pretty much where we are at. More updates as they come, but for now, we are ready.

FullSizeRender (1)

 And we will make it through.


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